Adopt-a-Kid or Leader

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Will you Adopt-A-Kid and send him or her Young Life camp this summer? 

2018 Camp Adoption Options

Full Adoption: $675

Half Adoption: $335

Partial Adoption: Any Amount

All adoptions are fully tax deductible

Last year, OVER 100 students were adopted and sent to Young Life camp in 2017! Below are some quotes about some adopted students’ experience at camp: 

“Thank you for supporting our trip to camp. This week has been absolutely incredible. I got to pray with one of my kids come to Christ, who had never heard the Gospel before. I love watching Christ change lives through Young Life, and that was possible because of you.” –volunteer leader


“I was going into club and learning something new about God every day. I learned that God will love me and you unconditionally.” –adopted kid


Leaders also play full price for camp. Would you help lighten the load for some of our volunteer leaders get to camp?  Thank you and God bless you!



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