High School Students

Young Life Club 
Monday nights
See below for contact information for each club

Santa Barbara H.S. Team Leader
Felipe Contreras
Email: felipecon3@gmail.com
Phone: (805) 895-8037

San Marcos H.S. Team Leader
Dave Peterson
Phone: (208) 661-7614

Dos Pueblos H.S. Team Leader
Jessica Jansen
Phone: (949) 291-2962

Capernaum Team Leaders
Jessie Hynes 
Phone: (714) 309-7393

Ways to be involved

Club - Monday Nights

Club is an hour of fun and laughter. In this hour you’ll laugh, sing, play games and hear about God in a way you can relate to and understand. Club is free, and you don’t have to be a “member” to come — everyone is welcome. 


We go to camp twice a year.  Once in the fall for a weekend and then for a whole week in the summer.  Young Life camp is guaranteed to be the best weekend or week of your life! Camp is a place designed for you to have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime. 


Campaigners is for people interested in talking more about a relationship with God in a small group setting with friends. Campaigners is a safe place to ask questions and talk about your life, God and how they fit together. If you are interested in being involved in campaigners please email the Young Life leader at your school for more information.

Student Leaders

Juniors and Seniors in high school who are following Christ can serve as student leaders in either WyldLife (for junior high students), Capernaum (for students with disabilities), or for underclassmen at Young Life. Special application​ and training is required. 


Young Life Santa Barbara | 3046 De La Vina St Santa Barbara, CA 93105-3312

Phone: 818-858-0679

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