Meet Our Staff

​Dave Peterson - Area Director


Ashley and Dave moved to Santa Barbara in January of 2015.

Combined they have 15 years of YL staff experience and a year and a half of Santa Barbara experience. They're leading club at San Marcos High School and are excited to be a part of an area with such a rich tradition of Young Life. 

Phone: (208) 661-761


Felipe Contreras - Associate Area Director​

Felipe has served on full time Young Life staff since 2007, working in Santa Barbara. Felipe has a heart for lower socio-economic and at-risk youth communities. His work with Young Life focuses on the Eastside and works with teenagers who have a high risk of dropping out of high school, becoming involved with gangs, teen pregnancy, and other similar issues that are highly associated with urban communities. Felipe enjoys spending time with his family, the outdoors, videography and photography. He and his wife Kelly have two daughters Lilah Rae and Macy Lyn.

Phone: (805) 895-8037

Jessica Jansen - Staff Associate


Jessica Jansen was involved with Young Life in Jr. High and High School in San Clemente, CA. She graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in Spanish from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2015, where she served as a volunteer Young Life leader for four years. Jessica currently serves as a Staff Associate in Santa Barbara where she focuses on ministry in Goleta. Jessica loves salsa dancing, camping, surfing, and hanging out with pals. 

Phone: (949) 291-2962


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